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Seriously,Democrats? Cohen is your guy?

What the fuck was the point of Cohen's hearing? He said absolutely nothing of value, that we either didn't already know, or his critics haven't already speculated.

Every damn thing he said, including his racist accusations and Trump Tower meeting speculations was quickly struck down with a simple "do you have any proof?" Which he, conveniently didn't.

The only real thing he may have said that could be a legal threat to Trump was his confession that he was reimbursed hush money paid to Daniels for political reasons. However, there is no real evidence of this. A check that may or may not have been payment? He fucked up the accusation anyway that the payoff was politically motivated by admitting he's been paying people off like that for Trump for years. If DT would have gone through Cohen to pay off Daniels like he would have any other time, and despite the upcoming elections like Cohen admitted to, then there is no way to prove this time was politically motivated.

Lastly. Why are democrats pushing a man that has lied his whole life about literally everything as their go to guy? This man is an admitted liar, a convicted liar and a man that has tried desperately to renegotiate a plea deal to keep him from being in prison for the rest of his life. He is by far, and by any means, the least credible source to be testifying about anything. To add that also admittedly, he is working on his chances for a book and movie deal! This is the man Dems are putting their cards on!?

I don't think so.

Let me tell you what this sideshow was entirely about; headlines! Nothing more. Dems have been having a very hard time in the media lately with ridiculous and very publisized blunders, starting with racist and sexual harrasers in Virginia, going through The moronic Red Green New deal, making a right at infantacide and stopping at radical antisemitism, all from within their party. This was a political stunt by the House Majority to curb the headlines and Nothing more.

This is not to excuse shady deals and actions by Donald Trump or the fact that he likes side action and then lying about it, but again, this wasn't anything that was not already known. Matter of fact, Cohen may have kicked the Dems in the balls by testifying under oath that he also has no proof of any Collusion with Russia.