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Bill Barr, "Nope, not doing That!"

So Today, Upon notice that the House Judiciary Committee just extended their questioning time another hour, Attorney General Bill Barr decided to cancel his appearance. He appeared today before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions about his handling of the release of the Mueller Report where he summarized the findings, which were no evidence of Collusion and no recommendation for indictment on Obstruction.

Barr has been criticized for not properly disclosing the sentiment behind the report and covering up the president's obstruction, even though he released the full, yet partially redacted, Memo a couple short weeks after his summarized memo.

in Short Barr said "one more hour? Fuuuuuck That!"

Whether or not he feels he's being unfairly villainized, he needs to go through the process and testify before the HJC. He made a decision and he should have to defend it, whether the attacks are politically motivated or not.By not doing so will only strengthen the rhetoric of his and Trumps critics.

As far what happened today, I think Barr's strongest point was when he said that if Mueller thought there was enough to indict the President on, then he should have done so himself, or what was this 2 year investigation for in the first place. Mueller was well within his rights to do so if he thought he should and even when Barr released his memo, Mueller thought it was factually correct, but didn't like the omission of the details.

The details is what I find fascinating . If one is not being indicted on a possible crime, then why release the details? The only answer is for smear purposes. This is where I see 2 sides to Robert Mueller, Bobby the person and Bobby the Attorney.

I believe that the fact is that, despite his vigor towards the president, Mueller still has pride for his profession and understands that being a douche bag crybaby, is not enough to indict the president on , without looking like a partisan stooge, that is. This did not stop him from laying out all the times the president was being a petty douche however, because if Mueller didn't have enough to indict, he could certainly smear and at the very least cause a narrative which suggests cover-up which, I believe, is a bit foolish considering the entire memo was released with very little redaction and absolutely none to some in congress.

I do find it very ironic that a "coincidental" tarmac meeting with the , then AG Lynch , and ex-president husband of a woman under investigation, which inevitably resulted on a pass on indictment of said woman by said AG , was not enough to cause this much outrage, but fuck all with this one, right?! Cause the Lynch/ Clinton connection was apparently not obvious enough, or at least wasn't enough to cause any kind of question. 😂😂😂

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