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Tribalism and Activism taught in Public Schools?

D.C. Public Schools Use BLM Curricula to teach Black History Month.

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How about we use schools to teach children how to do Reading, Writing, History, Arithmetic, Civics and Problem Solving ? You know, so kids can learn to to think for themselves and not be indoctrinated fucktards.

There's nothing wrong with teaching Black History though I do think that Black History should be better included in all History. I don't think it should be a month of devotion circled around activism though. It should be a included as part of U.S. History so that the stigma of exclusion is broken, period. The only thing that Black History Month in school teaches (the way its currently done) is separation and exclusion. Ironic, imo.

However, I don't think schools should be used as an indoctrination center to concepts that is no way agreed upon by the majority of the nation for the purpose of Mainstream Virtue Signaling. To teach compassion and inclusiveness, one does not require specific identity classifications to do this. The only reason why identity is included is to teach your children how to classify and seperate into tribes. It actually teaches Tribalism which is very important for the survival of political elitism, since it is these Identity Politics that stokes the flames of division that politicians use to get into and stay in power.


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