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First of all, I want to mention how big of a fan I am of Marshawn Lynch. I think he’s one of the best running backs in the league right now. While some of the better backs today use mostly speed, others get the hard yards running between the Tackles and the rest have jukes that can break ankles, Lynch is a triple threat. He has the size to break tackles and create his own holes, the moves that can snap a defensive backs ankle in two and he has the speed to break away and create space between him and any would be, or should I say hopeful tackler. I do think he is awesome and rightfully deserves the nick name BEAST MODE. Nothing I’m about to put out there is going to change my personal opinion of him.

However. I do find it a little arrogant of the man to not give interviews and to toy around with reporters when his is forced to give them. Now I know what a lot of you are going to say, “ Why should have to give interviews if he doesn’t want to!?” and “The league shouldn‘t make them give interviews!” or "Why should anybody care?"

The answer to the first question is easy. He has to give interviews. It’s in his contract. Secondly, Why should it be so hard to answer a couple question after or before big games. I think that, regardless of the fact that it‘s the franchise that pays his salary, it’s the league that has given the man and a countless number of other like him the opportunity to create his own wealth. Seriously, it’s not asking a lot. I get that sometimes you don’t want to talk and that’s all good but to give bullshit replies every single opportunity you get is just plain arrogant to me. Seriously, They only ask for five minutes.

Another point I wanted to make is this one. I understand that he doesn’t like reporters cause this or that or he “speaks with his actions” or knows he sounds uneducated when he speaks or whatever other bullshit reason he gives. Ultimately, it’s the fans , the people that pay his and all their salaries, that are getting screwed out of a chance to enjoy their favorite player.

The NFL brought in over 25 billion dollars in 2014. The majority was from loyal fans following their teams, going to their games and buying their merchandise. How do you think these franchises can afford pay these athletes such huge salaries? So when it comes time to give an interview, it’s not just so reporters can stay in business, or so league commissioners can feel in charge, it’s so that we, the fans of a team or a player can follow them and enjoy their successes.

Me personally, I love listening to post game interviews. When I’m a fan of player, I want to listen to what they have to say. I’m interested in what they credit a win or loss to. I love listening to them speak about the game or programs they support or charities they run. How would any of Marshawns fans know how outstanding of a person he is off the field if he refuses to talk about it? I like listening to those interviews and I know if I like listening to them, millions of other fans do as well. I can hear some of the trolls replying right now with “I don’t care if he speaks or doesn’t, so long as he keeps playing well.” Well good for you. I’m sure more people think like that too. Just remember , a lot of people think like me as well. They get the feeling that while Lynch is avoiding questions because of some supposed paranoia about negative news stories, that they are getting gypped on the chance to enjoy the successes of their favorite player.

In my opinion, Any athlete playing professionally in any sport and in any league should have a little more respect for the people that employ him. Since they are enjoying in the splendors of the opportunity given to them by the league they play in, they should respect the rules of the corporation enough to do the little things they ask for in return and since their salries are being payed for by the loyal fans, they should at the very least respect them enough to allow them to partake in their successes and/or failures. I do think though it may not be many, He will lose fans over his little disregard for interviews and put a target on his back for Goodell and his cronies.

All in all, I really like the guy as football player though I have lost a little respect for him. True, I was never so big of a fan that I am personally offended or dissapointed by his interveiw antics. Thinking about how I would feel if I would see one of my personal favorite football players pull the same thing, I can see how some people are not happy with his stunts.

I’m still pretty excited for the Superbowl and I hope that the Seahawks and Lynch will put it on those Cheating ass Patriots;)

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