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No Justification for Murder

Find it funny that even though people ask not to generalize all cops, those same people seem to generalize them all for being stand up men and women with absolutely no Bigotry and choose to generalize all the people the police shoot or abuse as being guilty and deserving of the treatment they get. Police officers are people, people with flaws. I have been vocal on the side of the poilce before but dont misunderstand it is not necessarily the side of the cops I'm on, it's the side of logic and logic also says to treat individual situations as they should be treated, as individual cases.

Regardless of the generalization hypocrisy, in this country we have due process which gives all citizens rights and protection from the government and includes being innocent until proven guilty by a court. Though it's true that if the man wouldn't have ran or resisted the chances that he wouldn't have been shot would be great but running from the police does not give the cop automatic permission to kill the person. Police only have a right to use their firearm when they feel their lives or the lives of the people around them are in imminent danger not when they are being lazy fucking assholes and don't feel like chasing someone.

People seem to forget that until a man is found guilty by a court, that man is innocent and has rights, even if he runs or resists and unless he is a violent or potentially fatal threat to the officer, the law has the responsibility to subdue the person without deadly force.

I can't say for sure that this murder was racially motivated but one thing I can say for sure is that this man should not have been shot and that the officer should be prosecuted, period and if one can honestly debate this, then they are also among the ignorant people who doesn't seem to understand that the laws are not only for the citizens but for those who have been trusted to protect them.

The idea that any officer of the law is justified in shooting and killing a citizen that wasn't a violent or fatal threat and could have been subdued without using deadly force is 100% wrong, even if the person is fleeing and until any additional evidence surfaces that was not in the video that proves that this officer feared for his life or the lifes of the people around, He should presecuted for murder.

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