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Relax, It's History.

What's the difference? They are both historic and proud symbols to certain groups but make no mistake about it, they both represent a time in history of division and descrimination.

It is true however that the "Rebel Flag" was created for the Southern States during their seccesion from the union because of their stance on States rights but one can not intellegently argue that fact without the mention that the right to own slaves was one of the rights southern states fought for.

The Swastika precedes the Nazi Regime by 12,000 years and is actually a symbol of "well being" and "good fortune" yet, nobody considers that when they see the flag. They think of a world divided and the genocide of millions of people. So while southerners argue that the Confederate flag is part of their history and represents Southern Pride, others look at it as a representation of the division of America and supporters of Slavery.

I'm not in favor for or against the removal of the Confederate flag from state buldings, fact is, I don't care. It's true that anybody can find anything offensive if they look hard enough so once we start appealing to one group of offended citizens, it's only a matter of time before we have to consider the offenses of the other groups, and there's a lot of Butt-Hurt people in this country, however, one can not deny that the symbol that these flags represent is not a pretty one for some people and if you are going to argue the keeping of the confederate flag from a historic stand point, at least have the balls to recognise the ugly history that is also attached to it.

Lastly, I find it ironic that I see the same people who hold such high opinions over the "symbol" of what the American Flag represents to them but obviously not others, arguing against the "Symbol" the Confederate flag represents to others but obviously not them.

Isn't it ironic, Don't you think?

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