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Protect us Mr. Criminals

"I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent."

Mahatma Gandhi

I've been seeing these memes and videos being passed along on social networks showing gang members saying they will fight ISIS if they were to come into the hoods and while many have been sharing them, all I can think about is how huge of a fail this is for our country and our society.

First, we have urban terrorist who want take the day off from selling drugs to our kids, robbing businesses, fighting in the streets, being drunk and high all day, draining our economy and shooting and killing each other along with innocent bystanders and who now all of a sudden want to be our saviors?

Here's a thought you bunch of pathetic excuses for humans, if you want to really help Americans, STOP FUCKING BANGING! STOP POLLUTING OUR STREETS, STOP KILLING OUR NEIGHBORS AND STOP COSTING THE CITIZENS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

People Like these dirtbags of society as well as people like Cartel Boss Joaquin Chapo Guzman, who has also threatened to take on ISIS are not part of the solution, They are part of the problem! These people incite violence. That is their entire purpose to living. They have nothing but self interest in mind. The only good that can come from these people fighting amongst each other is that they somehow kill each other off.

Second problem I have is people Sharing this propaganda, Especially when the entire story is absolutely false!

I've found it's people who either used to be hood or always thought they were hood but now are parents and somehow saw that being hood was no way to live however, for some reason, think it's ok to publicize and endorse these menaces. I guess it's logical to trade one killer for another right? The irony is that these are the same people that post "stop the violence" memes on their profiles and "Pray for Chicago" or any other cities riddled by gang violence. You people are part of the problem.

"If we desire a society of peace, then we cannot achieve such a society through violence"

Bayard Rustin

Once you endorse these gangs, you are accepting their ideology as well as their criminal activities. If you really want protection, you should be endorsing your local militias or form protective units with the legally armed citizens in your neighborhoods. These are the people who should defend you, your family and your community because they are the people who live and care about your community. Fear is the driving force of servitude. When we become so afraid that we are ready to trust those that have continually lowered your standard of living, all will be lost. Americans have long battled those who have threatened our way of life. It's time we take our freedoms and safety in our own hands so that we are not left to rely on those who will surely take the temporary power we give them for good.

"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship."

Louisa May Alcott

DO NOT support groups and ideologies that are already destroying your neighborhoods because they claim they will protect you from groups who presumably may at one point be doing the same.

Redundancy at its best!

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...