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Don't let the door hit you....

I had absolutely no interest in voting for Donald Trump, that is until I read the growing list of celebrities who will move out of the U. S. if he is elected. I must say, I'm giving it some thought now.

Fucking ingrates! You're all for the United States when they are pandering to all your needs but when someone with different ideology comes around, you abandon the country that made your names and/or opinions even remotely relevant to others. The past 7 years, the U.S. has endured the administration of one of the most radicalized presidents in history but we are getting through it just like we got through Bush, Clinton, Carter and LBJ but if this is what being an American means to you, that if the majority of the citizens use their freedoms to elect a representative that does not match your ideology, even though these same citizens have been directly responsible for making you millions upon millions of dollars then I say GO! Goodbye! Get the Fuck out of here you degenerates and leave your citizenship here and don't come back!

The United States was founded upon the freedom to elect their representatives and even though the process has become a joke and has become one because of either the people's lack of interest or because of their self absorbed desires (making it easy to be bribed for votes)

We still get a chance to choose the direction of this country for the recent coming years just like the years prior. Having this process means that sometimes, you will not get your way. Bitch and moan like a child all you want during the time they are in office but rest assured that in 4 years, the people will get another chance to either change or stay. No, this is no way an endorsment for Donald Trump or any other candidate for that matter. If these are the choices we are being given to run for the Presidency of the United States then sorry, I choose to pass. When an animal is lame, you don't feed it more, you let it die.

However, for the time being, this is our process and yes, you can accept it or leave but if you choose to turn your back on the country that has made your face recognizable, then make sure you stay out. We don't need you.

Only proud Americans wanted!

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