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Dear Social Media, I've Failed you.

I wrote this two years ago now after the passing of my friend Dan.

March 13, 2014 at 3:33am

Today I lost a friend. He was a good man, intelligent and insightful with a deep love for his family. We've had many great conversations about politics, philosophy, religion, science, music and countless more. I watched as he bravely fought his battle with cancer during which we'd speak about the afterlife. Today I lost a friend who's hand I've never shook.

Social Networking was created as a means to connect or reconnect people from all over the world and that it has done well but when it is used as a means to replace physical interactions by those not burdened by the difficulties of distance, it becomes tragedy. Ultimately a failure by us to use the networking wisely. A "like" or a "comment" can never replace a handshake or a hug. It could never replace the sound of a heated or passionate discussion . A video can never accurately capture the sound of laughter or emotion in a voice. A picture, never replace the sight of a friends smile, happy to see you.

With every push of the keyboard, with every sent text we become the emotionless, pitiless and hollow narrators of our personal relationships which will ultimately leave us with a final regret. Regret of not knowing what the voice of a new friend sounds like. Regret of not remembering the warmth one gets from the smile of one they love. The regret to have unnecessarily missed the sound of laughter or the feeling of a hardy handshake or a hug.

I have such a regret today. I lost a good friend whose hand I have never shook. Whose hand I now will never shake.

RIP Dan. I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to have known you. You were one of my favorite people to share ideas with and I will miss our conversations very much. Your courage and composure through your battle with leukemia have been nothing less than inspirational. Rest easy friend.

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...



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