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What is this "Freedom" you speak of?

I've read a couple times people asking why there has not been any "Protests" at Bernie Sanders Rallies, as if that's a badge of achievement. Well, I guess it is a badge of achievement for the rights that his opponents feel he and his supporters deserve and are protected by the first amendment. People are not protesting Sanders because even though they do not support or agree with his ideology, they respect his rights voice them. Let's not get all huffy puffy about the candidates now. This post is not in support of anybody and is not against peaceful protests, the later being an act I very strongly support. Rather it's against those who believe that forcefully stifling the voice of other candidates or their supporters is an honorable act. It is not.

It's no secret that the opponents of certain candidates use "Useful Idiots" and protests like Trojan Horses to cause dramatic controversy and chaos at rallies and of course when they are confronted in front of the cameras they quickly whine about their First Amendment rights completely ignoring the fact they themselves are violating others First Amendment Rights. This is dishonorable, conniving and certainly is UnAmerican.

What I have seen during this election has made me sick to my stomach as an American and fact is, my repulsion has not been from anything any candidate has said. It has been from the people. Heated debates have been part of the election process for generations and it has at times been violent. In 1896, during the McKinley elections, there were many clashes between Labor Union workers and those who believed America should focus more on the financial sector. This was a time during the "Long Depression". In 1968, during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, riots broke out outside the rally as well as inside, the convention happen during the time of the MLK and Robert Kennedy assassinations but just because it has been done before does not make it acceptable to allow this energy to stomp on the Constitution and people's rights. We are at a time in U.S. society where there is more understanding of our rights as people and at a time there is more acceptance towards other people's life choices, yet when it comes to electing our politicians we seem to resort back to this mob mentality in using violence and intimidation to persuade the masses.

It is not so far-fetched to think that we will soon be headed towards a time when people will be intimidated to vote certain ways for fear of physical violence. If you think I am exaggerating go to YouTube and search "violence against Trump supporters".

The freedom of speech and protest are a freedom I take very seriously and these freedoms should not be censored in any way for any reason, in my opinion. During the election process, provided we really do have a choice(which those in support of Bernie Sanders I'm sure are believing they do not ) we should allow the candidates to make their best case for why they believe they are the person America needs for their elected official. Their supporters should be allowed to follow and agree with their choice. All this should be done without forcefully violating their rights. This is how the American Election process should work.

Whether or not you support the beliefs of a candidate does not give you the right to silence them. This is not North Korea where voting for a different candidate or ideology is an act of treason punishable by death. In America, everyone has the right to say what they need to say without being silenced by the government and most importantly by their fellow citizens. Counterarguments in forms of protests are also a right protected, however when a mob of citizens deny the speech and support of any other citizen either by force or intimidation, these people become UnAmerican and the enemy to a free country.

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