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Welcome 2017

My last blog post came in August and much has happened since then, changes in my life, my country and the world. I haven’t posted on none of it. That’s not to say that I have not had many thoughts on the current affairs of the world, just that I have come to a cross with myself. Unfortunately for my assistant, he has had to hear the, sometimes, nonstop rambles that have inhabited my mind in the last couple months.

As I said, I have come to many crosses with myself. I sit and start to write on a subject then I stop. My mind has adopted a way to debate with itself and it usually accounts for many stalemates. I have been meditating a lot more lately, trying to get some perception with the world and myself. The biggest questions for me is “ What if there is no more point to express my opinions or thoughts on any subject because I am only expressing my opinions from my reality? What if my voice really doesn’t matter or noone really cares about what I have to say? What if, the only fuel powering my posts is ego? Is it worth it to continue my page or my website if there is no one to read it?” The answer I came to is Yes. Very much so, Yes.

I have gained a lot of perception these last couple of months. While a great percentage of our country is convinced that the end of America is upon us, I have come to great hope, Not because an ideology I greatly opposed is days away from exiting the head of the White House but because I have found great peace with myself. See, contrary to the beliefs of many people I know, I really do not have a huge ego. I am very confident with who I am because I believe I know very well who I am. I think this is a trait that many people lack. I believe that I have a unique quality to walk in other people’s shoes, so to speak. I can find common ground with many people, even those who speak and act outside of logic, which I try very hard to base my existence on.

I have viewed these last couple of months as proof of this. My ability to not post extensively on topics like hypocrisy in Political Ideology, The violence in the streets of Chicago or the causes of, The excuses being used to cast hatred and pain to our fellow citizens and the manipulation from the media.

I’m sure most people that know me must be in shock with my lack of posts. Rest easy friends, I have returned. See, like I stated earlier, I started wondering if it was worth speaking if there is no one to listen but I came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter to me if there is anyone wanting to listen. I reminded myself of the reason I started this in the first place. I wanted to clear the clutter out of my head, clutter that can sometimes drive me crazy. I wanted to share the fantasies and daydreams that float randomly, like clouds, through my mind. Brayn Noise was never intended to change people's mind. It was never intended to start revolutions. Everything I write, I post and I share on my site is just an extension of what I see, what I think or what I feel. I’m not sure if anyone can gain perception or any type of solace from the things I write but it is fulfilling to think someone may be able to. 2016 brought me many great insights with many personal losses and many personal gains. I am very fortunate to have had the life I had, even though It could be considered tough at some points, what life couldn’t be? I am very confident that 2017 will bring more great lessons. I will be posting more often and it won’t always be on current affairs, There is way more that occupies my mind than politics and philosophy.

If you’re still around to read what I write, I hope you know how much I love you. To me, there is no greater form of intimacy than to share one's mind with another. The thought that my words can reach another body, another soul across the world, no words can describe the feeling I get. Anyways, I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Years. I know there are naysayers that believe that one day can not change anything. I feel bad for these people. They are wrong. One day, one hour, one minute can completely change the course of one’s life, if they truly change their minds to do it.



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