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Comey Island

I watched the majority of the interrogation of the directors of the FBI and NSA on the matter of Russian hacking and Trump's accusation of President Obama's ordering of Surveillance of the Trump Tower.

First, in his opening statement, Director Comey stated that there is an investigation into Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 campaign, including the possibility of links between members of the Trump Campaign and the Russian effort of interference. In my opinion, this statement is alluding that there was indeed surveillance of individuals of members of the Trump campaign and possibly Trump Tower( the Campaign headquarters). There's also the fact that there were transcripts of communications of General Flynn to Russian ambassadors reported by The Washington Post that may be further evidence of this, however one can not make a definitive assertion whether it was a surveillance on General Flynn himself, the Trump Campaign, or Russian Ambassadors that produced these transcripts.

Second, Comey said that there is no evidence the President Obama “ordered a wiretap on Donald Trump's phones” that's very precise wording. Intentional? Also, he stated that no sitting President can unilaterally order surveillance , He has to go through procedure and get a judge's order, which is true

but we have seen recently that the former president is very familiar with many judges, including the ones who have blocked Trump's vetting attempts. Who's to say that he didn't use his friendships with the judges to get his Court Orders(for justifiable or personal reasons). Comey's comments alluding that there was surveillance of Trump's campaign members offers more than what was said, I believe. In short the statement that "the president couldn't order the surveillance himself" does not mean it wasn't done or it wasn't conspired by President Obama. Comey is an FBI agent. He knows how to speak without accusation.

Being that i don not think that the investigation to Russian interference or Trumps allegations of survaillance to the Trump Tower will go anywhere, I think the real story here is the National security Leaks. We already know that leakers gave information regarding General Flynn and the conversation of President Trump the Austrailian Ambasador to the media. We also now know that this leak had to come from a person in power in these agencies.

I did like how Trey Gowdy pressed Director Comey about the severe criminal offenses committed by the leaks of the Flynn Transcripts to the News outlets and the accusations of who the leaker is.

This isn't to excuse what were in the leaks (much like the leaks of Hillary Clinton by wikileaks ), however, in this case, it is a serious criminal offense to leak classified information including names of those involved.

If indeed it is found that the Trump Campaign conspired with the Russians, that would be huge news AND if indeed at the end of the investigation it is found that President Obama did conspire against the Trump Campaign, that would also be huge news, however, there is absolutely no current proof of either being true. Only Accusations and Propaganda and Rhetoric.

I do think that General Flynn did not excel at his former position as Director of the Defense Intellegence Agency

by gathering his information 100% legally. I can only assume, and by more recent reports, fairly assume that he is a snake and scratches backs to get what he needs. I am betting any investigation that is done on him will yield the results being looked for, however, judging by the ongoing secrecy of the Intellegence Department, I doubt they will publicly oust methods they may themselves use. I say nothing will happen to General Flynn.

(update) Like I said a couple days ago. Director Comey used his words very carefully. Here is the House Intelligence Committe Saying there was, in fact, survaillance, though it was "Incidental" from the time after Trumps election all the way up to his inauguration. Though, the President obviously did not know the extent on the survailance ,hence the wire tap claim (enter 1950s) He certanly was not off the reservation with his claim. I guess we'll have to take the word that the survaillaces were incidental though. Even if there is "proof" that the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians, There is no proof that the FBI or NSA weren't just monitoring them instead of the Campaign. However, that would mean impeachment for sure. Secondly, if in the same investigation there is not only proof that the Obama administration conspired to gather this information (we already know they heard the recordings) but was also somewhat responsible for the leaks to the media, this is also Illegal and subject to arrest. Shit just keeps getting nuttier.

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