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Woke Ass

Man , oh Man. I see so much nonsense being shared from people who claim to be "educating" or "enlightening" others that it literally makes my eyes sore from rolling so hard. Those I mentioned really need to keep their so called education to themselves, or at the very least, stop trying to project their "Truths" onto others. Seriously, If you are really so fucking "woke" you would understand that most truths are relative and I doubt that most people would even recognize "truths" if they saw it, but here may lie a clue, anything of or relating to the cause of further hate and judgment is more than likely not right so keep your "woke" ass opinions to yourselves.

These people really bug me because they roam around projecting their ideals and their perceptions to everyone they know under the mask of being more educated than everyone else and when they are confronted, they alienate, belittle, humiliate and then disregard all counter arguments and people as being too ignorant or too indoctrinated to understand. Sound familiar? If so, it is because this is the same method the Media, Government, Corporations , and Elitist use on a daily basis. Ideologues. All of them. See, those people are not more “woke” or “educated”, they're simply another ideologue and like all Ideologues, they try to persuade others to believe what they believe. They are exactly the same person they try to persuade others, are evil. You can find most Zealots doing this , whether it be Spiritualist, Political, Religious, even Anarchists.

Hell, many people can probably point the finger at me and say ”well, isn’t that what you do?”

I admit, I used to, years back. I was an Ideologue and did attempt to project my views and try to pass of the image of being more rational and educated than others, and though I have always known that there is more to reality that even I wanted to accept,(because I have personally experienced the irrational and illogical) I wanted to belong in a place that was considered normal. Ultimately, I rejected the whole premise and decided that it was better to have ideas than beliefs. When accepting that the “truth” is very relative, then ideas is really the only rational thoughts we can have.

So my answer to their question is No. This is not what I do. As I began to practice years ago, I only share ideas, ideas that make the most sense in my head. Whether or not others want to assimilate my ideas into part of their own existence , that’s their decisions, not mine.

As I have stated time and time again on my page, everything personal that I post, whether it's an essay, a story. A poem or a report, these are things that are floating around in my head at all times. Not exactly what I believe to be true, but things that may ultimately be an idea I entertain for a while longer, or sometimes, just something to consider. These are all bits of information that may turn into something or something that ran across my mind and I may never think about again. What I share is not an attempt to get others to think what I think or feel what I feel. This is just me sharing what I think and what I feel.

"We all have what I call Brayn Noise, those tiny Thoughts and Fantasies that float around our heads, these are mine"


In closing, I can only hope that those who are stuck in the same shallow, egomaniac loop that I was stuck in will one day understand that ,like me, they are contributing to everything wrong in the world; People who want to talk but not listen, project but not accept, belittle but not be humiliated. It all starts by accepting that everything you know was taught , and like most things taught, they were taught by people with agendas. One must accept that they really don’t know anything and understand that just because they learned something or feel something to be right, does not make it any more real or right.

This is not to claim that there is nothing new to be taught or that people should not share information. This idea should not, in any way, discourage the pursuit and sharing of education, not at all, only that educating others of information that they do not already know or do not have access to is a far cry from projecting beliefs. Until one understands this, they really should not be attempting to project their views under the pretense of being more educated or woke than anyone else. Share ideas, share information, not beliefs, not agendas.

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