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100 days a President

I really don't mind the Scrutiny of the President. I actually think the POTUS should be scrutinized. He has a very important job, and that is to represent the Citizens of the United States and that will never be a battle they can expect to be a complete victor of. I just don't think that the Success or Failure of a Presidential Administration should be judged in a period of under half of a year.This is ridiculous. No President, not one, has been able to get everything they wanted done in such a short amount of time, even if they promised to.

"The first hundred days is going to be important, but it’s probably going to be the first thousand days that makes the difference."

Barack Obama

Every Candidate usually offers a projected look into their new administration by focusing on key issues which they attempt to complete by their first 100 days. President Obama guaranteed The Closing of Guantanamo Bay, which remains open still today. He promised more transparency, which turned out to be a running joke about his administration. As far as his promises on ethics in the government? Yes, He banned Lobbyists from promoting things they have already done from previous years, that is, unless they were given waivers to do so, which the administration handed out plenty of. Yes, broken promises in the first 100 days are a norm but so are key kept promises.

The, then, President Enacted CHIP, State Children's Health Insurance Program which the White House said provided benefits to 4 million additional working families, (which I agreed was a great program). This was a precursor, of course, to the A.C.A. (which I did not approve of).

The fact is that there is usually a list of issues candidates attempt to pass if they are elected, only to realize afterwards that they have limited power to keep these promises. Rightfully so, as well. The Constitution gave us the “Separation of Powers” for this reason; so that the sitting president could not rule as a 4 year dictator. This tradition of 100 days promises and broken promises is not a new thing and has always garnished criticism from the other side of the ruling aisle. It also provoked much hypocrisy.

After receiving a lot of criticisms from the Republicans after President Obama’s first 100 day broken promises, the defenders of his administration started the narrative " He can't do it all in a couple months" to contests the cacophony of slander, this narrative turned out to be used for the rest of Obama’s administration, of course,however, it is very true, but now it is the same people who were defending President Obama who are now calling this President a failure after 4 months in office. A little hypocritical, no?

I understand people's distrust and/or dislike of President Trump, I myself have a Love/Hate opinion of him, however, like him or not, he is our president and like all presidents who should not only be questioned, scrutinized, and made to answer to the American people , they should also be respected as the Commander in Chief of the United States.

They have the most stressful job in the country and though I am sure some people believe that this position is only taken by the narcissistic and power hungry, I truly believe that these people would not have taken this position without some kind of belief that they can help this country and it's citizens and unlike career politicians who view the Presidency as the top of the career totem pole, I can not see too many reasons,aside from power(which he already had plenty of), that a non politician, multimillionaire would have to accept, not only a job where he is not the boss, but the most stressful job a person can have, other than a belief that he can truly help this country and the people in it.( though I am sure, like all other presidents before him, helping himself is a great amenity)

I don't know why anyone would ever want to become president. I wouldn't want that job in a million years. Can you imagine being woken up like this every morning?..." problems!" "All types of problems! "

Brain Regan.

A Presidential Administrations should not be judged as a Failure or Success until after their whole period is over, and even then, it should be understood that a failure to some, may be a success to others. The tradition of acknowledging the "First 100 days" is stupid. I’ve spent some time studying the administrations of the Presidents of my lifetime and I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter who is sitting as president, in the time they are in office there will be things that one may like or love and things one may disagree with or utterly hate of their policies. I think the majority of the drama comes into the Parties “Playing Politics” and using political zealots as pawns. I also think that a driving factor in the dramatization of presidential successes and failures comes at the hand of the mass media. The activity of the government has always been a main source of inspiration of the media, and we have seen an escalation of this entertainment within the last 3 presidents, using the angst of the citizenry as a catalyst. I don’t think this process will improve in the next coming administrations. I think the country is in good shape though. Even during the administration I didn't agree with, I thought our country got a lot done and covered many issues that had not been covered before. Though I do not agree with the constitutionality of the A.C.A., it did force the Healthcare issue and it’s disturbingly high prices into the political spotlight. The last administration also forced many social issues into the public eye that though, I do not agree with how it was handled , created the necessity to find answers for difficult questions and questions that many politicians would have rather left in limbo, than forced to face political suicide for having an opinion on them.

I really do wish this president good luck, as I have wished all our presidents before him, though I have not been a fan of many of them. One must remember that having a sitting president is not about getting everything you wanted. It’s not about them making this country “great again” It’s about keeping this country great by keeping the ideals of millions of people balanced in a way that we can all live among each other. As far as I can tell, most of us can live together in peace and it is evident that the ones who can not are the ones who live their lives in black and white.

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