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An Unfiltered Mind

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"Me and my mind, we be Mates."

  • I have the weird ability of having a complete conversation with people in my head, most times omitting the necessity of having the conversation in real life.

  • Sometimes I continue a conversation with people that I started in my head, prompting odd stares."

  • "I can have a complete and thoughtful debate with myself on any given issue, we weigh out different perspectives and come to a mutually agreed upon conclusion, I sometimes even change my own mind on the issue. My mind, knows how to speak to me in a way I understand."

  • "Sometimes I tell myself jokes and begin to laugh out loud, only after remembering I am in a public place and may look insane."

  • "Anything negative you have to say about me, I have told myself a numerous amount of times. This works just as well with anything positive you have to say about me."

  • I think my mind likes to fuck with me sometimes.

  • Sometimes my temple starts to twitch a little. I think it's my brain trying to escape


  • I shush my mind sometimes out loud( again, prompting odd stares)

  • I think my brain and my body are on different sleep schedules.

  • I can always count on my mind to compliment me when I'm feeling a bit blue.

  • Sometimes my mind speaks before I even know what happened, making me have to do damage control. It's a prankster.

  • My mind has a way of saying the nicest things at the right moment. It can recite poetry and history , It can offer perspectives that I would never have considered before,it can completely destroy world's when provoked or inspire greatness in everybody. My mind is intelligent, goofy, sometimes immature but always entertaining. My mind and I are the worst of enemies and the best of friends.....shush, I'm typing.