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"Okay, You're sucking TOO much, Democrats!"

First, No one is going to impeach anybody! let's look at history. Only Andrew Jackson, and Bill Clinton have been impeached, Clinton for lying in court about boning Lewinsky (yes, I said boning), neither was convicted however.

How many presidents though have probably fallen under the "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" guidelines for impeachments?

"Bribery, perjury, and treason are among the least ambiguous reasons meriting impeachment, but the ocean of wrongdoing encompassed by the Constitution's stipulation of "high crimes and misdemeanors" is vast. Abuse of power and serious misconduct in office fit this category, but one act that is definitely n

ot grounds for impeachment is partisan discord. Several impeachment cases have confused political animosity with genuine crimes. Since Congress, the vortex of partisanship, is responsible for indicting, trying, and convicting public officials, it is necessary for the legislative branch to temporarily cast aside its factional nature and adopt a judicial role."

Obama Lied about Benghazi , Lied about the Iran Deal , Used the IRS to target Conservatives, Lied about Obamacare, and committed many other impeachable offenses.

In June 2012, the Obama administration invoked executive privilege to stop disclosure of documentation to Congress following Operation Fast and Furious, a gun-walking scheme that resulted in the deaths of as many as 100 people, including U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Bush lied about W.M.D.s , Nixon had Watergate and didn't get impeached(too be fair , he quit before there was a chance), and can you even begin to imagine the impeachable offenses already mounted by Hillary Clinton?!

I think you get the point! Also, remember that the Republicans controls both houses. The establishment is not going to impeach their own ,no matter how much crying their counterparts will do. It's not going to happen. period. end of story. The only reason this is being dragged on is because the Democrats have absolutely nothing more than Trump to run on!

let's move on.

I keep hearing Democrats are eagerly awaiting the next midterm elections, swearing that their party is going to sweep the house. Where the hell are they getting this idea from?!

Democrats are going to lose even more seats in the next midterms. Mark my words. They have lost over a THOUSAND seats since 2008. They lost the election using two of their most powerful candidates. 306-232 electoral votes! Think about that. This thought they are going to miraculously turn the tide, when they haven't even been able to truly understand why they lost credibility with their constituents in the first place, is lunacy! Until they realize that people are tired or race-baiting, hate provoking, fear mongering and political correctness being shoved thier throats, they will remain losers. Case in point, Democrats tried to make the last three local elections a referendum on Trump and have lost all three elections, Heath Mello in Omaha lost to a republican, and then they lost a special election for a House seat in Kansas and then lost an open seat in Georgia. This was even with that jackoff Bernie Sanders showing up to rally up hate for their counterparts!

The Democrats are in huge trouble and so long as they keep trying to win back the country using obstructionism and/or hate rhetoric towards our president they will continue to lose, and this a bad thing, In my opinion.

If there is too much power in the hands of one ideology, there is going to be run away government. There needs to be a balance. A stagnant government is a good government and if you think the Republicans are going to just sit back and let the government idle or shrink government control, you are out of your damn mind! Today’s Republicans do not want small government, no matter how much they say they do. They have show very little signs that they actually still believe this. They want exactly what the Democrats want and that is control of the government so they can pass their own legislation.

With the Democratic party as weak as it is right now, we are in danger of having too much power in the hands of one ideology, and having that ideology in control for a long time, and even though I lean Conservative on many policies, I do not think they, or any ideology should have absolute control. This is the reason why we don't like Communism or Socialism, It puts too much control over every function of our country into the hands of one Mindset. There is no need for debates, there is no need for compromises, there is no need for town hall meetings or “exploratory counsels”. Passing legislation will be as easy as Thought to Signing.

Maybe it’s just me, but even though I hate the theatrics of politics, or the fear and hate mongering, I don’t mind the stalemates or the debating or the government shutdowns. To me, a government that moves at a pace of a snail, is a good thing. People often forget that this country is comprised of millions of people who all have different opinions of what freedom is and how it should pertain to their own lives. The fact that our government has a tough time passing policy is a good thing because it means that they have to make deals and compromises so that everybody gets a little of what they want.

It’s not about making everyone happy, it’s about keeping people happy enough to prevent them from killing each other and rebelling against a tyrannous government. I’m sure we have all seen what happens when the scale tips too far in one direction and if the Democrats don’t get their shit together, I guarantee we are going to see it again soon.

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