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"Two men help an Old Woman"

I may just possibly be the only one who looks at a post negatively that signifies the achievement of "the first" of a race to do something or see a story of a "minority" being commended for doing something good worth noting.

I'm one who thinks that the problem of being categorized as a race is not only made worse by the pointing out of negative stereotyping but also by pointing out race in any case. We are at a point in society where it is completely possible for anyone to achieve anything they work for despite their age , gender, race or sexual preferences, though it may still be harder for some and even though those who wish to divide us for their own self gains enjoy telling us that we are still at wars with each other, I believe most of us refuse to buy into that scheme. Again, I may be alone in this but when I see a story about two Americans helping out an old lady with her garbage and see that this is only a story because the two men are black and the old woman is white, I cringe. Though I'm sure stories like this are shared to contest negative stereotypes or show that people of different races can get along with each other, I wonder why this is a news story at all. The majority of people in this country do not negatively stereotype each other and plenty of people of different races do things for each other all the time , regardless of race, gender or sexual preferences . These people are called human beings! They refuse to categorize each other, so why does the media not see this or why do people still choose to point out race, even in a seemingly positive manner? When anyone points out a “ First Hispanic in ****** “ or “first black American *****” it sounds to me as if a Hispanic or Black American has never had the opportunity to do these things before. Though this may have been true 70-80 years ago, this is not true anymore and it has been proven time and time again that anyone can do almost anything in this day in age if they are willing to put in the work required to do so. I do think achievements should be commended and good deeds shared, I just don't beleive we need to point out race when they are not necessary for the story and they are usually never necessary . There is only one purpose for this to be done. I'm tired of hearing about races and whether it is pointed out as a negative or positive, in my mind, it does the same amount of damage. It keeps our mind focused on our differences instead of allowing us to evolve to a new way of thinking and living. It stops us from reaching a world where we are all humans on the same quest and once we erase this fantasy that because we are different we should be treated differently we will finally all see that even though we may look different, act different, speak different and live different, we all want exactly the same thing, to love , to raise our families in peace and live our lives happily and to the fullest.

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