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You're both in some shit now!

I grew up with 2 older brothers and we were not the most level headed people. This means we argued a lot and disagreed with each other often. When arguing turned to fists being thrown, our old man used to say "well, you're all in some shit now." Usually in Spanish though.

I now have two sons who also argue a lot and when arguing turns into rough housing, I break them up and say "well, you're both in some shit now."

Yes, I am upset that POTUS didn't call out Alt-Right and White Nationalists by name but I'm also upset that he didn't also call out Antifa and BLM by name as well.

When disciplining your kids for fighting, you don't just call out one of them, you call them all out.

Anyone who thinks that the counter demonstrators were just there to be peaceful is fucking kidding themselves and obviously has not kept up with the news for the last couple years. Do I like that Racists were marching down the streets? No, not at all. Do I like that counter demonstrators were there? Yes, but when you have two extreme ideologies in such close proximity to each other, flames are going to rise. Some people have been using the excuse "we fought against fascist in WWII so it's okay to punch them now" No, it's not the same. When we fought this ideology in the past, it was on foreign soil against foreign soldiers. These morons on the other hand are American and on American soil and as long as they are, no matter how moronic their views may be, they are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

I don't care that these people got punched, I really don't. There are many times I want to punch people for saying stupid shit, even though I know it's against the law. The problem lies with doing this on a larger scale and more politically charged atmosphere. Remember, once the citizens decide to limit the 1st Amendment and the government agrees , there will be no changing it back. That means the government will decide what "hate speech" is and this will effect our music, arts and our entire way of life. Expression will be censored and this is disastrous to our freedoms. Furthermore, claiming that the Supremacists had more fault for these riots because one of theirs ran someone down is asinine. One does not throw gas into the fire and then blame the flames for burning another. This doesn't excuse the act one bit but it also does not justify the actions of the protagonists! Don't fool yourself, rather, don't be so politically or agenda bias to believe that because one punched harder, the other person in the fight must have been in the right.

Lastly, to those who think that by supporting the Supremacists right to demonstrate, you are in some way condoning their perceptions, what are you, children? I ask this because this absolute way of thinking is very childlike. Mostly ignorant. Just remember that those you are chastising now will be the same ones standing with you when the government or any social justice warriors try to take away your rights. I don't condone the beliefs shared by the Supremacists. Not one bit. As you may have read on my previous posts, I despise it. Racism and Supremacy is logically inept, but that's besides the point. Acknowledging the constitutional rights that Americans have, even when spreading ideas that we hate, is the only thing that protects our freedoms form the government. We must bite our tongue at times and remind each other and the government that though we don't condone the idea, we welcome their rights to express them. One can only point to the recent and mostly unpopular protests by the ex 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernack to further justify this. Though his protest is unpopular, one must acknowledge his rights as a citizen to express them.

In my opinion, it is true that all sides had blame. Each of their groups should be called out individually and by name and be blamed. The President should have addressed the incident as precise as possible. He should have explained the rights of each group and reminded them that while we are in this house, we must follow the house rules, no matter how much we disagree with them, we must respect the house rules or allow chaos. We are a family but that doesn't mean we have to like or agree with each other but we must live with each other and sometimes that includes disagreements , but when those disagreements turn into fighting, it's up to the leader of the household, to hold them all accountable. Period!

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