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That's right. I went Star Wars on you!

Maybe if I use Star Wars analogy, people will have a better view of what I think is happening in America right now. So without further adieu:

Let us not forget that Senator Palpatine was responsible for both, The Clone Army and the Droid Army.

The Droid Army will represent the White Supremacists/Nationalist or anyone that has become labeled as Fascists .

Theoretically, they have only one goal in mind and that's gaining favor over the Federation/Republic.

The Clones have been created to fight against this ideology.

They will represent Antifa, BLM or any far leftist group who claim to be the saviors and protectors of the Republic.

A war is started and instability is created . The Jedi try to keep order and protect the people as best they can. The Jedi can be represented by the citizenry or police forces that do not fall in line with the already mentioned groups

The Jedi initially fight alongside the Clones, sharing the same hatred over supremacist ideals, but ultimately begin to uncover Palpatine's plot. Palpatine then creates the illusion that the Jedi has become drunk with power and aim to conspire against the Republic.

Supreme Chancellor:

Remember back to your early teachings. "All who gain power are afraid to lose it." Even the Jedi.

The Clone Army then turn against The Jedi and attempts to destroy them all.

After they are presumably eliminated. therefore eliminating the only threat to this evil plot, Palpatine gains control over the Republic and creates the Galactic Empire, seizing power for himself and the followers of his ideology.

In the series, Palpatine is a government representative, However, it is his alter ego, Darth Sidious who conspires to take ultimate control of the entire government. I don't think any American Politician has this kind of power. This is why I believe that the sitting representatives represent the other members of the Republic who sit idly and ignorant of the conspiracy.

They are the "useful idiots" who end up handing the power over to Darth Sidious.

So who is Darth Sidious? He would have to be someone who has some kind of power and influence over the government and also over the influence of people's perspectives. He would need to have the means to not only persuade the two ideologies to war with each other but also to finance the war, all while remaining a hidden entity. He would need to have enough stake and influence in the everyday functioning of the entire world, in order to profit from this, either monetarily or in power of influence over the world's governments.

If we allow ourselves to entertain the idea that the world is not really ran by governments but rather by corporations, then we begin to get a clearer picture of who Darth Sidious really is, however, unless we are the Jedi, we will only know him by his public persona, (Senator Palpatine) and never by the alias agitator who created this dysphoria.

Safe Journey, Jedi, and May the Force be with you.

Many apologies to any Star Wars dorks i may have offended by imperfect interpretations

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