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Region Rat Express!

1100 miles north of Houston , Tx. There's an area outside of Chicago, in Northwest Indiana known as "The Region" The citizens of this area proudly refer to themselves as "Region Rats". These "Blue-collar " Americans are tough, strong, hardworking, sometimes grimy and callous but at their core , they are neighborly, kind, good people who are also extraordinary survivors. Many decades ago, after my family moved here from the Southwest corner of Texas, where I was born and raised, I became one of these Region Rats and I am proud of the label.

Days after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, many of these Region Rats, having no real ties to those affected by the storm other than being fellow Americans , have decided to load up their cars, trucks, trailers and even U-hauls with Water, Clothes, Diapers, Baby Wipes, Medical Supplies and more, and are making the 17 hour trip down to the Lone Star State, my home state, to offer some supplies for the relief efforts.

I'm humbled and

overjoyed to not only see the empathy that my neighbors are showing towards those experiencing this tragedy, but also for showing action by getting the word out , making and receiving donations and hitting the long road South.

Thank you to everyone for your efforts. You are truly the embodiment of everything good in this country. Positive Energy to you all and safe travels. Show the Southwest that the Midwest cares and will stand with them in their time of need!


Thanks everybody for all the MANY comments ,likes and shares. These guys deserve all the praises they get.

I had the pleasure of speaking with some of them as my son and I were dropping off supplies to donate. I asked one of the organizers and drivers, Lenon, if he had family in Tx. to which he said he did not. He just felt that it was something that needed to get done.

There are many people from The Region that have taken this view as well, and many of them are gearing up to head down south in the coming days.

I hope with the sharing of this small story , it will encourage more people from around the country to make this humanitarian pilgrimage as well. .

Aside from all this divide that is being projected upon us for political purposes, I still believe that the majority of Americans, The Real America, is not cruel, heartless and bigoted

The proof is everywhere, if you choose to see it Peace.

#RegionRats #America #UnitedWeStand #TexasStrong #TeamAmerica #NoPolitics

#BeTheChange #HurricaneHarvey