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Pet Evolution Theory

Contrary to what some scientists think, I believe the next stage of evolution is already happening and I think it’s happening right in front of our eyes and we are just not acknowledging it.

For centuries humans have needed the company of animals. The practice of domesticating our furry friends and keeping them as pets is a practice as old as time. In Ancient Egypt, many households kept exotic pets, as well the same ones we keep today.

“Although exotic animals in Egypt such as baboons, monkeys, hippos, and falcons were not uncommon, the ancient Egyptians seemed to favor the dog and cat as much as people today in the modern world. The dog was considered a very important member of the household and the cat is famously associated as the most popular Egyptian pet. Most households, it seems, had a pet cat - often more than one - and, to a lesser degree, a dog. Cats were more popular because of their close association with the goddess Bastet but also, on a practical level, because they could take care of themselves and rid the home of pests. Dogs, requiring more care, were more often kept by the upper classes who were better able to afford them.”

The comfort that is provided by the tranquility of our pets has been monumental to treating such illnesses such as stress, anxiety, depression and dementia. They also provide a form of security because of their territorial traits , as well as, their heightened senses and instincts. It’s no wonder that they have been our most trusted companions for centuries. It is no secret that humans have not only benefited from our pets, but they have also changed us on a molecular level. Why then would it surprise humans to think that we have not affected our pets in the same way?

Pet owners often boast about the “tricks” they can teach their pets to do. Some of the most simpler ones like “Sit, Speak or roll over” are usually met with applause by their audience, but as time went on, these “tricks” have evolved to more complicated and useful demands. Some dogs have been trained to perform military practices, get the mail, lead the blind, or grab it’s owner a beer. Some animals have been taught to perform recreational activities like Ski, Surf, and play basketball. Though these “tricks” are always met with cheers and smiles, the concept of what we are actually doing is bit more hidden. We are teaching our pets to be more human, and in my opinion, they are catching on.

Lately, there has been a flurry of activity surrounding our pets. They have began to show more human like qualities. We now see videos of our pets performing tasks like gardening, saving each other from danger and intermingling with other species in a sort of camaraderie. Some of our pets develop very personal attachments to their owners and will protect them till the death or will mourn for them in their passing. Such actions like showing longing for their owners in their absence has always been known, but we have come to understand that they really do hold lifelong connections with their loved ones, and not that they only show loyalty to those who provide them with food and shelter .

With everything that we now see with , not only, our pets, but , all animals that mingle with humans on a daily basis, there is no question in my mind that the animals around us are starting to evolve to act more like humans. It only makes sense being that they are around us so often. It is definitely a survival technique to be able to relate to or connect to the dominant species in their environment and that has always been one of the most important recipes for evolution.

It has been reported that humans have advanced

more in the last 100 years than they did in the thousands of years prior. That's why I suspect that we will not only continue to see our furry friends continue to act like us, but that they will also soon make the leap to begin to speak to us in our own language. I don’t think we are too far ( relatively speaking in an evolutionary sense) from a time when humans and the animals around us will interact with one another in a more formal way. This concept is often displayed in cartoons such as “Family Guy” and “Zootopia” and also in movies, such as, “Zookeeper” and “Dr. Doolittle”,

Imagine a reality where this is actually possible. Honestly, to me, this will definitely be a much cooler place to live in. Mark my words. It's happening. Which brings me to my next theory, The Great Squirrelpocolypse

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...