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Light, Camera,Hypocrisy!

As feminists and left wing zealots talk about a "Rape Culture" in our country, they have failed to address the biggest rape culture of all;Hollywood. For decades, it has been known as a cesspool of Sexual perversions, harassment, fetish and rape, and for decades, it had been ignored.​

Joan Collins 'lost' the Cleopatra lead because she wouldn't have sex with the studio head, Judy Garland was groped and Shirley Temple flashed at: Harvey Weinstein allegations are just the latest in Hollywood's long ugly history with sexual harassment

It has never been a secret though. Where else have terms like "Sleeping their way to the top" been so widely used? Hollywood has always been filled with Predators, Deniers and Enablers, all there to feast on the naivety of young aspiring actors and all operating under the protection of silent conformity.

#metoo Now, we have a group of women that have come out in unison to bring light to the evils of Tinseltown and those that have grown complacent in taking advantage of their position, their wealth and their influence, and now, those same enablers, those who have held close ties with these monsters, those who have profited from keeping their mouths shut at the expense of other women, have decided to jump on the train to save themselves from being devoured by the same women they led to the mouths of the beasts. Hypocrites! Yet we are the ones who get lectured? I'm happy to see that many are not falling for this staged sympathy and empathy .

Maybe Hollywood is starting to catch on to what many of us around the country already knew; Sexual Harassment and Rape is wrong and it must be stopped! Yet we now have to listen to these idiots ramble about it as if they just discovered some great hidden truth?! Funny: they lecture us and pat themselves on the back on international TV while failing to invite or even mention the victims of their buddy, producer, Harvey Weinstein, isn't it? Then, when someone like Ivanka Trump comments on the power of Oprah's speech, she immediately gets bashed for being a Hypocrite. Where is the unity? Where is the solidarity between women? What? She can't have a voice because her father has been accused? Hillary Clinton was married to a fucking RAPIST and she gets votes! She too was an enabler. Not a surprise,she had plenty of practice.

Roman Polanski gets standing ovations by his Hollywood cohorts, even after fleeing the country to avoid child molestation charges. Where was the hate!? Where are the lectures?!Where are the cries of hypocrisy!? Silence.

I applaud the woman who started the movement, Tarana Burke , and those who brought it into the mainstream like Rose Mcgowen .I understand the dangers that they were facing by bringing this into the public eye, and it angers me that the movement has, in some way, been hijacked by the ones that knew all along, that have known for many decades and said nothing while innocent women were being abused. They wear their expensive black cloaks, the same they used to cover their eyes and shield their ears, together to show solidarity but solidarity for what exactly,? That they will all pretend like they didn't know and escape public backlash? Shame on them.

It makes me wonder if these women giants in the industry would have said anything at all had the veil of evil not been pulled from those iconic hillside letters. They knew. Maybe not the younger ones but the icons, the producers, the male actors. They talk, they listen , #theyknew.

It humors me that these are the same people we are told to be taking political,social or moral advice from.They are the voices of morality? They are the voices of justice and truth? What these Hollywood elites have done is show themselves for the hypocrites they are. Morality? Justice? Truth? They all knew and they did nothing. They publicly joked about it for decades and they did nothing. Women after women would walk into that city hoping to make their dreams come true and instead of being warned about these dangers, instead of going in with the wolves already being cleared of the forest, they were led into the fire and then encouraged to just "go with it" and just "play the game", "that's just how it works in Hollywood", to become complicit, just like they were!

Rest assured that this scandal is not the last scene. Sexual misconduct and rape against women in the industry is not the downfall of Hollywood. Though this Hashtag Fad has caught on and has made “coming out” a thing(for good reason).It is not the end of the perversions of this hilltop hell. No, there is another. One more hideous, more perverse and more evil. One that has plagued the industry for decades, if not, generations. One that has been attempted to be revealed, but silenced by the industry elites. One that will finally cease the pretentious dribbling of our so called Hollywood moral icons.

Only problem is there hasn’t been a Hashtag made for Pedophilia in the industry yet, but rest assured, #Theyallknew, and rest assured, they won’t say anything and risk the cornucopia of power, money and privilege until, that is, they have to, but it seems to be almost over and it's acting out like a Hollywood movie, where the watcher already knows the ending and the actors have yet to figure it out.

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...