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Dreamers to Nightmares

Okay, what I have to say right now is going to ruffle a lot of feathers, Especially because this is an ongoing and very controversial subject in America right now. First I want my readers to understand that what I am about to say does not come from a place of hatred or personal malice; For those who may not already know, I share the heritage of the group of people I am about to speak about. Many of my loyal readers understand that when I speak on a subject, I try very hard to speak on a foundation of logic. I try to not be emotionally attached to the subjects I write about or make things personal. I also never purposely try to offend, however if offense is taken to the things I say, I have very little feelings about that as well. My purpose is always to expand perception, reveal possible logic failures, point out hypocrisy or just give you my perspectives.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was an American immigration policy that allowed some individuals who entered the country as minors, and had either entered or remained in the country illegally, to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and to be eligible for a work permit.

Currently there are upwards of 800,000 illegals protected under this policy. The number of those who would qualify though, fall around the 3.6 million mark.

29% are ages 16-20 and 37% are ages 21-25. About a quarter (24%) are ages 26-30, while one-in-ten (11%) are ages 31-36. (No DACA recipients are older than 36 because the program required applicants to have entered the U.S. before their 16th birthday and have been under the age of 31 as of June 15, 2012.)

Since the 2016 presidential campaign, there has been lots of hyperbole surrounding this policy with , then , Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, vowing to end this program. Since his election, the rhetoric surrounding this program has escalated to epic proportions with advocates for and against the policy often colliding in a very grandiose and public sideshow. The result has been a non-stop barrage of propaganda and dramatizations.

The far right advocates maintain that these Dreamers are Illegal Immigrants that should not be protected by any American laws, and further more, point out that since their presence in the States is considered Illegal, by any situation, they should be immediately deported.

The Far left Advocates contest that those signed onto D.A.C.A had no control over the actions of their parents and know no other home than that of the United States, and they believe that the Dreamers, along with their families, should be granted full amnesty, making them legal citizens of our country.

Okay. First, People need to understand that D.A.CA. Is not, or ever was, intended to be amnesty. The name itself, points out that it was a deferral policy, which meant it had a time limit. This policy stated that those that willingly signed up for protection under the policy would not be immediately targeted by Immigration Enforcement Agencies, and would allow them to temporarily work in the United States. Those who signed up had to renew their membership every 2 years. This itself should have been a clue that this was a temporary situation. This is not a law! Which is why, this administration wanted to end the policy and force our legislators ( many, on both sides of the aisle, who have been strong advocates against illegal immigrants in the past) to write a permanent solution to this growing threat.

President Trump , has long been vocal on wanting to find a solution that did not require immediate deportation of these selected illegals, even before he considered running for public office. Don't think that the dismissal of D.A.C.A. was done with malice, it is actually an attempt to not only create a permanent solution to the problem, but to put these representatives who love to play both sides of the issue down on paper.

The reluctance of President Obama to forge a policy and not attempt a law, kicked this can to the next administration knowing full well that even if those protected under D.A.CA. would attempt to gain citizenship, the process would have taken so long that nothing short of full amnesty would have saved them from an inevitable controversy, and full amnesty is something that has a very thin chance of ever passing. Fact is that D.A.CA. was nothing more than a stunt to gain temporary political favor with the Hispanic community. The Obama administration, along with those in the DNC, had absolutely no intention of granting full amnesty. Knowing that amnesty didn't have a snowballs chance in hell to pass the House and Senate, they could effectively pander to the Hispanics, hold the moral high ground over republicans by opposing a bill they know would fail regardless and not worry about sacrificing their real views on illegal immigration. Don't make any mistake about this, THERE IS ONLY ONE SIDE ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Unfortunately, this has created a very volatile atmosphere. Since the debates started we have had large groups of Dreamers and supporters staging mass protests around the country, some even crashing organised town hall meetings and press conferences of the very people that are lobbying in their favor. They arrogantly demand full amnesty. Demand!

Now, We have all heard the sob stories about how they had no choice to come here , how they deserve to stay, how we owe them this or that , and how they have rights, and blah, blah, blah. I don't mean to sound so apathetic to their pleas, I really do sympathize with their situation and I, like so many others in this country, want to see a compromise that would benefit both parties, but what I do not sympathize with is the arrogance that makes them think that they have a right to demand anything from this country. Whether it was their fault or not, they are in this country illegally. They have defrauded this country for decades. They have abused our legal systems, our education systems, our welfare systems, and our laws. Our government does not have any obligation to cater to their demands. They do however have the responsibility to protect our citizens and our laws and deport all violators with absolutely no remorse and/or discourse. The fact that our representatives are even considering writing new laws benefiting these law breakers, allowing them to stay in this country, should show our compassion for their situation. They should not only be contempt and greatly appreciative for this consideration, they should be kissing our asses for it!

The very easy answer to these arrogant demands is NO. You are not a legal citizen and are not protected under our laws. They should be very careful of not provoking this answer.

There is obviously a sense of urgency. I get it. They have a lot at stake and are scared. The majority of them are not bad people and are unsure of their futures in this country. This fear and desperation, though brought on by illegal actions, is not only their fault. We also have certain representatives that love to stoke fires that really have no reason to be stoked. They provoke fear and inspire desperation and use this to their benefit. President Trump, with all his faults, has many times stated that he wants to sign a bill protecting Dreamers, going against most Right-winged hardliners, and doing something that The Obama Administration had no intention of actually doing, and that's protecting these people under Federal Law, however we have shit-bags like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi constantly stirring up hatred for political purposes. Keep in mind, the illegal immigration issue is only an issue for political purposes .

This Trump administration asked for certain safeguards to prevent this mess from happening again in the future before they resolve this issue. He not only offered Democrats a pathway to citizenship for the 800,000 Dreamers protected under D.A.C.A. , he offered this for all 3.6 million illegals eligible for it and it was reluctantly turned down. Why? because Trump asked for full funding of the wall? Nope, the DNC had agreed to provide full funding; Because he wanted an end to Chain Migration and the Lottery Visa system? No, Schumer has long been a critic of both of these. Then why? If it was my guess, the real reason is because the DNC wants to kick this can until the midterm elections so that they can continue to pander to the American Hispanics in hopes for votes.

The good news however, is that I truly believe there will be a permanent solution to this. It only makes sense. Given that, the majority of the people eligible for D.A.C.A. came here at such a young age, don't really know any other home, and have established jobs and families, as well as ,the cost of finding and deporting 3.6 million people, it makes more sense to offer them a path to citizenship, make them pay fines and allow them to fully contribute to the economy (providing they meet certain standards). I really have absolutely no problem with this, fact is , most of them will be almost impossible to find anyways without having to spend billions of dollars to do so.

This thought though does not excuse the current actions of the people we are trying to protect. Understand that anything we offer you is charity at it's very best and the United States is under no obligation to provide any Dreamer with anything but deportation. Don't bite the hand..

This also does not excuse the pandering of those wanting to capitalize politically. People like Bat-Shit Crazy Pelosi sharing a message like this one does not only champion the breaking of our Federal Laws, provoke future infractions and puts those protecting our borders in danger, it also very much justifies recent accusations by President Trump as being Traitors to the Constitution they have been sworn to protect.

The issue of illegal immigration will be an ongoing battle for many more years to come. It will be used by the Democrats as leverage whenever they need to claim racism, despite the obvious hypocrisy of their actual views. The Republicans will continue to cower to these accusations by either budging on policy or passing on any policy dealing with this issue.

As far as the so called Dreamers are concerned? I believe there will be some sort of bill passed in their favor before the end of the year but probably not until closer to the midterm elections, maybe earlier, if the DNC can come out of the deal looking like heroes. I believe, for the most part,that we, as a country, can benefit from a deal on D.A.C.A. I do think however that there should be some sort of vetting on who gets to stay. It would be naive to think that 3.6 million people all have this Country's best interest in mind. To those illegals publicly advocating for this solution however, though I understand both your passion and your sense of urgency in this fight, be very careful not to piss off the people you are trying to win favor with. These kind of actions can very easily turn a Dream into a Nightmare.

Don't be afraid.... That ringing you hear in your ears is just a bit of ...